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Combat Tracking Guide Review

combat tracking guide book review

We are always looking to find guides that will help you add to your “tactical toolbox” and this superbly illustrated combat tracking paperback gives a step by step reference in how to track the enemy and incorporate tracking into existing operations. The Combat Tracking Guide is a functional and readable manual that gives military trackers […]

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Know Your Enemy – The Gun Grabbers

ALAN GOTTLIEB money grabbers book

THE GUN GRABBERS – ALL THE AMMUNITION YOU’LL EVER NEED In this important and timely book Alan Gottlieb, The Gun Grabbers takes the first in-depth look at the structure, financing, and power of the anti-gun movement in America. He analyzes the different components of the coalition and tells who dominates it, who speaks for it […]

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Tom Clancy Patriot Games Book Review

Patriot Games Book Review

PATRIOT GAMES By Tom Clancy – author of Red Storm Rising Patriot Games: Jack Ryan, an ex-Marine and CIA analyst, is the hero of this fictional work. Years before the defection of a Russian submarine plunges him into confrontation with the Soviets, Ryan is in London for a vacation with his wife and four-year-old daughter […]

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