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At the SHOT Show in Las Vegas some years ago, SOF got an exclusive look at some of the new products L3 Warrior Systems will be making available this year. One of those will be a new binocular night vision device (BNVD) known as the BNVD-1531, which brings together the capabilities of two existing products – the AN/PVS-15 and the AN/PVS-31.

The BNVD-1531 will be the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of image-intensified (12) systems. ““We take the best of two other goggles and we bring that performance and capability together,” said Jon Piatt, L3 Warrior Systems’ VP of strategy and business development.

The new device promises a significant weight reduction over the AN/PVS-15. Other features include adjustable diopter eyepieces, manual gain adjustment, individually rotating monoculars and an integrated IR illuminator to enhance night activities such as map reading.

Illuminating from the device is seen as an important feature, particularly in scenarios where users do not want to point a weapon at a person. “As we are seeing an expansion into law enforcement communities and other govern­ment agencies, they can’t always go around illuminating from their weapon.” said Piatt.

Another new product that we can expect to see more of in the coming year is the Next Generation Aiming Laser (NGAL), an evolution from the company’s successful AN/PEQ-15. NGAL is an ultra-compact device that is around the length and width of a credit card.

According to L3, the NGAL uses an advanced illuminator design to achieve a more uniform near-infrared (NIR) illuminator beam for increased situation awareness. Size, weight and power requirements have been dramatically reduced, making the device much easier to utilize than legacy examples.

Identifying key trends for the future, Piatt told SOF that helmet-mounted, weapon­ mounted and handheld systems will become more integrated: “Where systems and technology is going is more interoperability and more integration, which allows us to take some of the burden off the individual.”

Core Vision Industries L3Harris BNVD-1531 Un-Filmed White Phosphor — CVI pictured above

L3 Warrior Systems BNVD
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L3 Warrior Systems BNVD

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